Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us
— Richo, Jungian - analyst

Welcome to my website

Are you overwhelmed with thoughts that you will always feel the same, as though life will never change, wondering which way to turn. Or perhaps you might feel unable to access your feelings - cut off from them, as if they hold little meaning or importance at all?  Whilst feeling troubled in this way, perhaps it is hard to imagine that emotional wounds could potentially lead us to find something more fulfilling and beautiful inside of ourselves. 

Why Therapy?

The aim of Psychotherapy to initiate the psychological healing processes from within, and in doing so, in the company of another, embark on a journey of self-discovery.

I am a trained psychotherapist and counsellor in South West London working in Putney SW15 and Southfields SW18. I have considerable experience in helping people affected by many areas of emotional distress that are likely to underlie sometimes painful and unhelpful thoughts and feelings.

My Approach

I am a trained psychodynamic counsellor and psychotherapist.

This means that I work by linking conscious or unconscious past and repeated thoughts, patterns, and behaviours that might lead to unhappiness and distress.

I also work with your dreams, which helps to reveal your creative and imaginative ways of thinking.

Working with these concepts,  can lead you to a deeper understanding of who you are, and of  how you relate to others and to yourself;  thus leading you towards to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

How can I help?

It is not uncommon for us to experience emotional difficulties in our lives, and for the most part it is in our nature to manage them without outside help. However, there are times when these experiences become too overwhelming, leaving us anguished, stuck and unable to move on.

We might feel ashamed, embarrassed and think that we should cope alone. But to seek out the self care needed to look after our psychological wellbeing is not only a brave step; it is also a very healthy one. As your therapist my aim is to offer you a confidential, non-judgmental, creative space. I won’t advise you, but I will use my experience to listen to you carefully, encourage you to talk about whatever may be troubling and help you explore and find your own solutions.